Mistake and progress

Since I need to do community service, I went to the organization for the orientation program meeting. Unfortunately I came late by 5 minutes because of flat tire. I told the receptionist that I am very sorry, etc, but she told me policy cannot be changed. So I need to go to the meeting in a later date. This make me feel a little dejected, since I hope I can be done with this as soon as possible.

After I went back to school I found life is still very intense. Somanth give me an intense reading assignment from Bott&Tu to present in two weeks, and I have just finished reading commutative algebra. So I have to shift back to topology now. This is fine but I have too much to study at the moment. I managed to finish the commutative algebra notes tonight, and hoping to move on for in depth reading in Eisenbud tomorrow. If I can move by 20 pages a day, in a month I should be done with the majority of the book. But 20 pages a day seems a luxury as Eisenbud contains a lot of problems which I am not sure if I can solve right away.

Somanth also give a list of other reference books to read, and it is too numerous to list at here. It seems I have a lot to learn from now. While this is a good thing I felt deeply unhappy that I did not study as hard as I should when I was at Bard, so my knowledge/skill gap with other people is huge at the moment. There is no short cut and I have to move on very slowly but solidly.

I miss Daniela a lot.


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