Conference update

I am attending the four manifolds conference in MN. It seems I really enjoy topology. I do not know if I should consider transfer out of here, or stay to work on \eta invariants with Paul.  The choice is not an easy one, because I think I am more algebraic than analytic. But I have intuitive doubt over the power of algebraic methods in topology nowadays. I think a deeper understanding must come from analysis, namely the PDE underlying the geometric structures.

I think I also met some interesting people here. It is very difficult for me to socialize at Binghamton, and relatively easier at here. But I do not really know if I like such experience.

I tried to move on from my thoughts about Leah to other people. I really tried. But I think either I am unlucky or I am just very anti-social. In short I think any more such efforts would be very stupid, as I have to prepare for the qual.


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